Keystone Solutions Group involved in Med Device Roundtable


The medical device manufacturing cluster in West Michigan may be relatively small and fairly young, but the network of companies can offer the end-to-end design and production services OEMs and startups need to commercialize their products.

Unlike in cutthroat industries such as the automotive sector, the region’s contract medical device manufacturers embrace the notion of collaborative competition. Because no one company has the full gamut of capabilities to satisfy an OEM’s needs, they need to work together and refer business to one another if the sector is to succeed in West Michigan.

That’s according to representatives from a handful of contract manufacturers who recently met with MiBiz for a roundtable discussion on the region’s nascent industry. The participating companies were members of MiDevice, an industry consortium for sharing best practices and facilitating growth that’s convened by The Right Place Inc.

Participating in the roundtable with this reporter and MiBiz Managing Editor Joe Boomgaard were:

  • John Berchulc, marketing development manager, Kent Manufacturing Co.
  • Craig Finkel, director of sales and marketing, Rose Technologies Co.
  • Eric Icard, business development manager, The Right Place Inc.
  • Jim Medsker, president, Keystone Solutions Group
  • Robert Nesky, director of sales and product development, Keystone Solutions Group
  • Tom Vreeman, CEO, K.I. Medical Device Manufacturing L3C
  • Chris Williams, president, MedBio Inc.
  • John Woodhouse, sales and marketing manager, MedBio Inc.

The executives discussed talent recruitment issues, best practices for growth, capital needs across the development spectrum and why it can be beneficial to be a small company in a field of giants.

Here are some highlights from the discussion.