Product Development

Commercializing ideas and bringing successful products to market, that’s what product development is all about. Whether we’re serving as a resource for a specific part of your program, or managing the entire development cycle, Keystone can help you attain your goals. Keystone’s Proven Process ensures your program will be a success.

Keystone Proven Process


First contact, opportunity discussion, and alignment on capabilities, market, values, and goals; that is what the Discover phase is all about. When we mutually determine there is a good fit, we proceed with an open, collaborative proposal effort. Then, it's time to engage.


The next steps are to define the product, the program, the path. The Define phase includes the always critical voice of customer research, establishing marketing claims, the IP and regulatory strategies, product definition, and determining the schedule and budget. Clearly defining the start point and goals is key to the success of the initiative.


The voice of the customer has now been captured, the product and path have been defined. Time to Develop. Often the “heaviest” phase in the Proven Process, the Develop stage includes multiple, often iterative steps including; ideation, design, analysis, prototyping, testing, documentation, and sourcing. This is an exciting phase as the idea begins to take physical form.


Development is complete, the design is signed off, now it is time to Deliver. This final step in the Proven Process includes key activities for transferring the final design into a production-ready product. These activities include: supplier qualifications, manufacturing process development, tooling and fixturing design and procurement, line setup, finalizing labeling and packaging, pilot production, validation, and finally – on to production!


Keystone’s largest footprint is within the medical device market. Specialty areas include:

  • Wound Care
  • Imaging Products
  • Patient Surfaces
  • Therapeutic Devices

From single-use disposable products to re-usable electromechanical systems, Keystone can develop and manufacture a solution for you.

Keystone also serves as a development resource in the automotive, aerospace, and commercial products markets.